Eternal Encounter
Eternal Encounter is a remix EP of Cédric's tracks from Eternity's Antechamber. 6 tracks from 6 musicians and producers from 5 different countries (France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and the US). The album was released on February 29th and is available as a "name your price" download.

Eternity's Antechamber is still available in a beautiful deluxe CD package.Eternity's Antechamber The album was released in September 2015. You can purchase your copy here!

Cédric Theys is a French bass player & guitarist. After playing both instruments for over 20 years, he started using the touch guitar exclusively. The U8 is built by Touch Guitars in Austria. It's an 8-string instrument with a range going from a low 5 string bass to your high string on a guitar. He plays soundscapes, instant compositions, experimental & progressive electronic rock.

Cédric also produces and records various projects and is the founder of Mad Ducks Records. He currently lives in Austin TX.

For more info:
Cédric on Touch Guitars' website.
Cédric on Mad Ducks Records.
DiM13NSiON on Facebook.
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